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If you’ve ever envied the owners of Nvidia Android Devices for their Game Streaming capabilities or if your just looking for a cool way to play PC Games on your Android Device, Moonlight is the app you’re looking for. This app allows you to stream any game from your compatible Windows PC to your Android Phone. In this video, we’ll look at the basic steps to set up the app, as well as a few other settings you might want to change.

Important hint from my viewer Marti (Big Thanks to you!): The ports UDP 47999 and UDP 48010 are required to stream from GFE 2.10 or later.

►Moonlight in the Google Play Store:
►Moonlight App Review:

►PC Requirements:
-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600/700/800/900 series or GTX 600M/700M/800M series GPU (GT-series GPUs won’t work)
-NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE) 2.1.1 or later
Nvidia Geforce Experience download:

►Time Stamps:
1:25 Part 1: Setup
3:34 Part 2: Using a gamepad connected to the pc instead of the streaming device
4:18 Part 3: Streaming over the internet
5:34 Part 4: Use Moonlight to stream your entire desktop

►Part Specific Links:
-Part 1: Command to use in cmd: ipconfig, find IPV4 adress
-Part 2: Paths (rename rxinput.dll):
32Bit: C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationNvStreamSrv
64bit: 1. C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationNvStreamSrv
2. C:Program Files (x86)NVIDIA CorporationNvStreamSrv
-Part 3: Ports:
Router Ip: Generally
TCP 35043, 47984, 47989, 47995, 47996, 48010
UDP 47998, 47999, 48000
How to Port Forward:
Find your public ip:
Part 4: Path:

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  1. Can someone tell me what this is for? I'm new to this.
    Is it just playing games on your phone instead of PC? Do I my PC have to be on at all times?

  2. Just wanted to leave a quick note, I purchased a Samsung Tab S4 and installed Moonlight. I’m currently 1000 miles from home and streaming my games from my Nvidia PC back at home with no issues what so ever. Thank you so much for your video!! (Also just wanted to note that my internet is not great where I’m staying, and after a couple small adjustments to resolution I’m streaming smooth now) Thanks again!

  3. Because Geforce Experience has changed, recommend doing a new video, Also need to add how to install the new Moonlight internet streaming helper on PC.

  4. when I stream a game like assassins creed black flag , the lag is too much , I have to decrease the bitrate to 500 kbps to have a decent gameplay but the quality suck, if someone know how to improve the lag ….

  5. Can you do this without leaving your PC on like can you go into hibernate mode or no? Don't tell me this runs it on the PC as well wonder if there is a way to unhibernate via phone

  6. Hi i need some help my router is asking for a ip adress and i have put both my pcs ip and the public ip and says that it dosent works my router is a cisco dcp3825

  7. Will it work on my set up here are the specs :

    i5 7500

    Gtx 1050ti

    8gb ram

    Windows 10

    76mbps WiFi

    Connected with Ethernet cable

  8. I have a Seventh generation GTX 1050 graphics card Intel i5 75000 processor computer model MSI gl62 Pro leopard could these requirements work on it


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