Play Any PC Game on Any Device | Moonlight Project


Play Any PC Game on Any Device | Moonlight Project
Let’s go over how to play any PC Game (Fortnite, CoD:Warzone, PUBG, RDR2, etc.) on Linux, Mac, or even your TV. I am talking about GameStreaming with the Moonlight project and an nVidia based machine as the host. Here is the setup and sample gameplay.

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Twitch Live Gameplay Footage:

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  1. Minimal Windows Install ISO: (Monday's Video)
    Twitch Live Gameplay Footage:

  2. Big PC noob here, I have a Intel UHD 620 graphics card on a laptop, would there be any way to play Warzone with that ?

  3. playing now with my 1080ti (bedroom) in my living room at 1080p 15k mbps and Doom3 goes fantastically fluid not even 1 lag!!! and all with a box android paid 30 euro and joypad 15 euro!!!! AMAZING!

  4. "Some people might not have the hardware to do that" -> proceeds to build a whole new Windows gaming PC just to stream games to Linux

  5. that's a lot of hustle just to not use windows on your main PC ?? that shows how inferior linux is when it comes to gaming, instead of making multiple distros and reverse engineering how windows works they should have focused on making an environment for game developers so that they can develop games that run natively on Linux just how they work natively on Mac and Windows.

  6. What is the ping like if you want to use this to play online multiplayer?
    I imagine it isn't too bad since it's over localhost right?

  7. I have problem, i got htpc gtx 1070 and with the hdmi dummy plug, the shield option in nvidia software is often not available, i need to connect to htpc via vnc or team viewer, and then i am able to turn on the shield stream. Its looks like issue with the driver thats think there is no monitor connected.

  8. How to game on Linux. Buy a PC, install Linux. Buy another PC, install Windows. Buy and setup a home network… After taking a second mortgage you can now play games on Windows!

  9. I prefer to use Chiaki and play ps4. Practically all the games on windows are on PS4.

  10. how can i stream my linux PC to a raspberry pi, steam box, fire tv, whatever..?
    i know it works with steam but i experience very bad performance

  11. i think a cool video idea would be using Steam proton to run windows productivity apps to see if they work. including Glorious Eggroll Proton. 🙂

  12. So wait… I have to be running the game on a windows machine and stream it to my Linux computer? I seem to be missing all kinds of information. But I'm inexperienced. I've never "streamed" a game. I switched to Linux Mint in Jan. 2019. I found "Sauerbraten" and love it ( I can't do online. Players just kill me within seconds unless I run continuously). But after a year it's getting old. I've never played a mmorpg.

    I just bought all the parts for a system and put it together. It is supposed to come with a free download of Borderlands 3 or Outer Worlds. The download link in my email is probably expired. I can't play them anyway if I have to make a windows machine for it.

    So the game you played was purchased? And you were running it on a windows machine? Which was connected to the internet and game streaming? And game streaming it to your Linux machine? And video game streaming it to the internet?
    It doesn't add up. I must be missing something. Can anyone help?


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