Overwatch SERVER PROBLEMS – Constant Disconnect and SR Loss


Overwatch Server and disconnect problems and SR loss
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  2. I can play plenty of QP games with no problems and out of nowhere I get disconnected from the game servers, and after a second I join right back! With no Ult charge and teammates saying "Welcome back". This is the reason why I don't play comp, can't take the game seriously when this happens

  3. I’ve hap this happen 2 games in a row during my comp placements and I’m normally in mid-high gold but now because of me getting disconnected twice I got placed in high silver. I still love this game but Jeff really needs to fix this problem

  4. Literally just played blizzard world on TM and we were about to take A when suspiciously the game restarted "due to an unknown error" or some shit. Odd that it happened when we were about to take A huh?

  5. Overwatch didn't load me into a game in time to select my character. I got removed for inactivity and lost 50 SR. Mother FUCK Overwatch and it's bullshit servers.

  6. Thanks for addressing this!!!
    Blizz keeps disregarding ppl complaints in their own tech support forums.
    Pathetic response.

  7. this happened to me so much that i ended up getting banned for 24hrs and lost over 100 sr because of it, all not on my end (this is in 2020 too btw)

  8. Cool is, that this crap is still around… I was in my Diamond rankup match and my team was winning. I was never Diamond before, so very excited. Then, i het disconnected … – 60 sr and diamond is far away again … that really sucks when you have to search 10 minutes for each dps game…. im sad and have to say that really gets me away from playing the game.


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