Nulbarich – Lost Game (HELLO WORLD Music Video edition)


「Lost Game」from『2ND GALAXY』
Music Video



Nulbarich Mimi Album『2ND GALAXY』
2020.11.06 ON SALE

<Track List>
01. Intro
02. Twilight
03. Look Up <シチズンxC TVCMソング>
04. Kiss Me <アニメ「キャロル&チューズデイ」OP曲 ※リアレンジセルフカバー>
05. Get Ready
06. Rock Me Now
07. Lost Game <映画「HELLO WORLD」主題歌・フルバージョン>
08. Outro(The Message Part.1)
Production Manager:Yusuke Kuribayashi
Director:Takanobu Tsushima
Special Thanks:Tomohiko Ito

▶▶配信限定ライブアルバム「ONE MAN LIVE -A STORY-」

▶▶ライブ映像作品 Blu-ray & DVD「ONE MAN LIVE -A STORY-」3.25リリース
Blu-ray:VIXL-307 ¥6,000+税
DVD:VIBL-980 ¥5,000+税

01. Rock Me Now
02. Zero Gravity
03. Focus On Me
04. Lipstick
05. ain’t on the map yet
06. It’s Who We Are
09. Kiss Me
10. Sweet and Sour
11. Kiss You Back
12. Ordinary
13. Follow Me
14. Look Up
15. Almost There
16. Silent Wonderland
17. Lost Game
18. Get Ready
20. Twilight
21. Super Sonic
22. Stop Us Dreaming

※フォトグラファーcherry chill will撮影による60Pフォトブック封入

■ローリン・ヒル  LIVE情報 
日程:2020年5月12日 (火)
会場: 東京ガーデンシアター(2020年5月、有明に新設される会場です)
時間:OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

Digital Live Album『ONE MAN LIVE -A STORY-』

Mini Album『2ND GALAXY』

Digital Single『Lost Game』 2019.9.17 Release

3rd Album『Blank Envelope』 2019.2.6 Release

Digital Single『VOICE』2018.11.21 Release

Digital Remix EP『Remixes』2018.9.5 Release

Digital Single『Kiss You Back』2018.5.16 Release

2nd ALBUM『H.O.T』2018.3.7 Release

2nd EP『Long Long Time Ago』2017.12.6 Release

1st EP『Who We Are』2017.5.24 Release

ALBUM『Guess Who? 』2016.10.5 Release

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20 thoughts on “Nulbarich – Lost Game (HELLO WORLD Music Video edition)

  1. Hey, i watched the movie today and it's amazing. Can i get anime recommendations similar to this? please

  2. Pls stop comparing this with other anime. For me I think all animes are unique in its very own way and one of example is Hello World. peace ✌️

  3. bij the amount of tears I shed for this anime. especially the part where ruri and older naomi hugged each other before ruri leaving him. that scene was fkin sad

  4. Whyyy😢😭😔 it went to a good path first but as it got longer it went to a sad pathway it was verry 😢

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