No game No life OP – This Game┃Cover by Raon Lee


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Heyyyy guysXD !!!!!
Thank you for supporting me 🙂
I’m very happy these days, because of you !

* This song didn’t use autotune !
* And…. this song was tooooo high for me….. X(

Thank you sooo much ^3^*
…I’m not good at English…. I feel so sorry….@_@….


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38 thoughts on “No game No life OP – This Game┃Cover by Raon Lee

  1. While listening to this song I was writing a story and I wrote 'greet the Queen' but I changed my mind to write her name so I was going to type 'greet Hinako' But I forgot to remove 'the'. So it was 'greet the Hinako' XD Sad life…

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