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Today We answer 37 questions asked in the community page

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  1. Sorry Shinchi these people don't care!

    The developers are clearly ignoring people and not responding to emails about them breaking their game May 2020. It has been some days now after 6 months of continual play and right in the middle of a war in KvK and other events including AoO I will be missing. I use an iPad Air 3 (2019) on iOS and it seems a lot of Apple users have been affected. I am not 100% sure whether or not my account was ever linked correctly and no way of checking so deleting the app and reinstalling is not an option if there is a possibility I will lose my progress. Very disappointed in lilleth they take your payment details quickly and never seems to be a problem. as a f2p as well I can 100% vouch the game is very unbalanced and is always geared towards to high spenders who then bully and zero f2p players in KvK. load of bollocks.

  2. this game is boring game if you not involve in war, killing troops, fighting events, and you only farming resources and build power, believe me, ive play it 283 days and still enjoy it

  3. haha "I was ftp…i didnt spend much". This is every person I talk to in chat nowadays- "I'm ftp". No you're not, ftp is zero spending – not "i only spent a little". There are honest Ftp players that grind it out and they deserve better than to have their efforts minimized by acting like its the same as low-spending. Any spending makes the game easier, that's the point of spending. (And just to be clear, I'm not ftp anymore…and don't claim to be)

  4. Shinchi you noob. You say do rally daily to get books.. Erm mate.. you know it takes over 10k barb forts? your one of the few I see back up liliths stupid mechanics in the drop loots. Does a P2W like you even understand how much or how long it takes to do 10k fort? & even then you wont 10k books = Not even close to academy 25 so if your saying 1 yr is not long enough grind to get lvl25 academy.. then your officially someone who works for lilith.. I been grinding for 360 days now. fort after fort & I put gems in aswell

  5. I feel you Shinchi and know the feeling of losing an alliance. It's not much about the alliance but I got really hurt when I lose the people and players that I considered friends. It got me really jaded about trusting in the game because we were attacked and betrayed by an ally that I trusted.

  6. Hi Shinchi, you were there with us in the LK season 1 (we were K231) …. great to see your video! Keep it up! 😀

  7. I spent so much work in this game as F2P. 321 Days in. VIP 10, 27m power, 1.5m T4 should have been 1.8m as i took all my Seiges away to migrate to your KD. To be honest i quite happy with what i have done so far, could have been a bit more, but really you have to be so patient and you have to work really hard to get what you want in this game. City themes, Gems, Speedups, Rss, T5's and ofc Expertised Legendary Commanders. From my experience in this game. Max Legendary commanders i think is the biggest dream for every F2P to have but at the same time a frustrating dream to accomplish. I did say i Max Charles in one of the stream, that wasnt necessarily true😂. But i am very very close. If you want to Max a Legendary, it will take alot of patience and effort to get all the scupltures. 690 in total if im not mistaken. Migrating is also one of the issues for F2P , but really i spent 6 months to get 6 passports (4.8m credits) just to be back with my Alliance friends in Shinichi's KD. Thats half a year. And as i mentioned i even took away all 300k of my Seiges and 80k Cavs, quite a big sacrifice as i really do care about my Seiges to be honest.

    Playing this game as an F2P is like dragging yourself up the stairs without hands and legs. You have to biggest disadvantage compared to Low-High Spenders. You have to work really hard to get what want in this game. And as an F2P you really need to be very patient. 1 simple piece of advice for all F2P is "Never Give Up" Keep pushing forward and dont stop in accomplish your dreams in this game. You will get there eventually.🌈

  8. Hello! @Shinchi can you please post any guide of RoK "how to succeed as a f2p" for f2p in your website! 🙇

  9. F2P is possible to get T5 but you had to be a top alliance with a lot of whales who buy gold chese can you land you a lot of speed up which is the most important element of the game to get those upgrade.

  10. if rok increases the drop rate of legendarys in golden chest/keys it will help FTP alot been playing for 9 months and gotten many golden keys (through grinding events etc. maybe a few thousand) and the outcome is just sad still almost all commanders from those chest arent even 5/5/1/1… many arent even close

  11. It's a P2W game 100%. I'm fine with that, but pretending otherwise is just foolish. The events for f2p are pretty weak and the time investment required to earn very little gold heads or castle books or what have you is just nuts. Ark of Osiris and KvK are only for P2W whales…f2p will be slaughtered in those events.

  12. Hey Shinchi this is Imran Taimuri but this account is for my phone.
    Anyways I wanted to give you feedback on things you can do to get more views, subscribers etc I know i am not a youtuber but as a viewer i know what i like as i LOVE ROK
    You need to a dd variety in this channel man not saying ROK is boring but if you have different games different people are gonna watch hence increasing subs and views.
    Play strategy games if thats what you like try other game for example Cod on Mobile as thts exploding. Also play ps4 or xbox games if u have that unless play other pc games.
    Hope that helped man i know i am no professional youtuber or anything but as viewer who is 17 that is what i would watch also bear in mind what age people watch and upload variety of vids
    Also take a vote and ask people what they would like to see.
    You definately deserve more views and subs man.

  13. Schinchi Does your brother have a youtube channel?
    Also what kingdom is he in I wanna check his city out.
    Schinchi can you make a video on how f2p shpuld do everyday like how to grind. Thanks👍

  14. Hey Schinchi Great video.
    But my question is I am f2p with 10 million power and I do my daily goal to get one free key i farm a lot and kill about 10 barbs ( i know it isnt a lot) but wht do you mean by GRIND a lot ?
    How does a f2p grind? DO you just keep killing barbarians attack forts is that it and apart from that participate in the events. Personally i tgets really boring hence why I have 2 other accounts to play so I always have something to do. SO could you elabourate on what you mean by grinding.

  15. Imo they should half the credit price of passports.. Even for p2w actually, but as a f2p at 34.5M power I've been farming for like 3/4 months in case I want to migrate, I have gathered 5.3M credit and had the daily max everyday, and I need 8M to get my 10 passports… Either that or remove the 20k alliance credit limit for building..

    It shouldn't take almost 6 months to migrate as a very active f2p …

  16. My migration idea is to use a tier system.(example +75 mill player migration cost: K1-10 75 ports, k11-25 70 ports, k26-50 55 ports, k50-100 50 ports, k100-250 45 ports, k200-rest 20 ports.) So no kingdoms are locked but it is more difficult to move into the most powerful of kingdoms. Make kingdom power based on the top 300 Players

  17. I cried too when I immigrated and lost touch with my buddies in kingdom 1044 and Im a grown ass man. For 2 weeks, I was depressed and lost 10 lbs. I served in desert storm, I'm a cop and I work out daily. No matter how much testosterone is coursing through my veins, you still get attached. Dont be fooled by tats, my bald head and my hairy chest.

  18. I feel like your kissing ass to Lilith games to make them happy you know damn well this game is not free to play friendly I hate when YouTubers kiss ass for sponsorship

  19. Bullshit .. usually i like your content .. but in this video i stopped at 4.34
    Listen brother .. dont make excuse to p2w players .. if they pay that means they can do ..
    f2p cannot pay .. talking about karuak bosses and kvk.. around 20 legendary scluptures ? so i have to wait 3 months to get 20 sculptures.. and to max 1 commander you need more than 700
    also talking about books and karuak without being f2p is useless and just make ppl mad .. i m f2p and i know that i spend a lot of time ig .. but i cant participate on all event .. Ap are limited for us .. we have to not spend ap from stock so we can play ig
    last kvk i used all ap on 1st stage because its good value but in kvk im zeroed of ap ..
    i never complained about f2p and p2w .. but listening someone talking and acting like he is f2p make me mad .. creat new account and show me how much time you manage to get 1 commander maxed ..

  20. Passport pages are so expensive for f2ps 1 pp 800k individual credits and that's alot it's should be less it's hard to grind that much bcz per day u can only get 20k credits. 😑😑

  21. Some good answers I agree with. Although they aren't the most exiting ones. Keep up the good work and thanks for answering mine


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