IncoTerms 2010 Explained in Chinese for Import Export Shipping


IncoDocs 2010 explained in Chinese. New IncoTerms 2020 have been released, view and download the infographic chart here:

When exporting and importing in International Trade, the buyer and seller must agree to sell goods based on IncoTerms Ex Works EXW, Free to Carrier FCA, Free Along Ship FAS, Free On Board FOB, Cost and Freight CFR, Cost Insurance Freight CIF, Carriage Paid To CPT, Carriage and Insurance Paid to CIP, Delivered At Place DAP, Delivered At Place Unloaded DPU (this new IncoTerm replaced IncoTerm 2010 DAT) and Delivered Duty Paid DDP are International Commercial Terms that are published by the International Chamber of Commerce. Learn documents to improve your supply chain, logistics and export business.

Importers and Exporters use IncoDocs to create sales and shipping documentation for free


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