How to FIX msvcr110.dll is missing from the computer


the program can’t start because msvcr110.dll is missing
How to FIX msvcr110.dll is Missing from your computer
Hi guys today I show you How to FIX msvcr100.dll is Missing from your computer when you open any software or Game after the installing new Window this problem can be occur.
Required file Link:

paste this link in your browser url tab and hit enter.when you go to this link website you download the msvcr110.dll for your window if you have 32bit window you download msvcr110.dll 32bit and if you have 64 bit window you download msvcr110.dll 64 bit.
after the downloading paste this file to C/Window/system32 and syswow64 folder.

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A troubleshooting guide for msvcp110.dll is missing and similar errors

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  1. Man,don't feel any pressure of speaking English. You know so much,just carry on with Hindi. Your channel would grow exponentially cuz it's about the concept which you know very well.All the best. Continue in Hindi completely.

  2. 2020 – Win10 Surface Pro 7 factory fresh – redownloading the disributable did not work as suggested in 99% of videos. The file actually had to be replaced with the .dll(s) provided as you suggested, thank you. Needed msvcp.dll as well but found it on the site provided.

  3. Whomever is having this problem do not uninstall anything it's a missing file nothing has to do with uninstalling previous versions
    install this from microsoft depends on your operating system and itll solve your problem


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