How do "ON THE MAP" skills work? [I learned SO MUCH making this – Rise of Kingdoms]


We learned SO MUCH about how skills work in Rise of Kingdoms – this deep dive about “on the map” skills will level up your game in rok.

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0:00 How do “on the map” skills work?
1:04 Our central hypothesis – they should work in rallies
2:40 First Test – Alex in Expedition
4:51 Second Test – Edward in Rallies and Field
14:04 Conditional Stats in Battle Reports
16:53 Second Proof: Conditional Stats in Battle Reports
21:07 Third Test – Alex’s Second Skill in a Rally
21:30 Fourth Test – Charlemagne’s second skill in a rally
24:54 First round of conclusions
26:46 Fifth Test – Alex as a city garrison
29:49 Final Conclusions

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  1. Do you know if sunset canyo / lost canyon are considered as "on the map"? I guess yes but you did not test that case so I would like to confirm (I am on a new server and don't have the commanders to test like Alexander, Ramses etc)

  2. I tried attacking lv 25 barb with same commander n it was different stats because some skills have a percentage of going off so very hard to get a solid number

  3. As much as players are spending for these commanders, lilith really should have a guide explaining their skill and talent nomenclature. It shouldn't be this guessing game

  4. Why i watch this when i already know the answer??

    I want to show it to my dumb friend that arguing with me everytime i do Alex rally 🤣🤣

    Thanks to proof it man! Nice vid 👍👍👍

  5. Bro the archer health problem is that the troop buff windows shows you only the buff that the troops take from skills and itema. But the 30 % healththat is missing from the buff log is from passive talents.

  6. Trash game ever coz the only thing u need is money to grow big and boom ur a whale not worth to invest alot 🤣

  7. It just further shows how lame Lilith is. It's like having the sound play for a few seconds when you start the app until it sees your settings with sounds off. Or the countless chat issues. Thanks for the video. Get it together Lilith.

  8. I'd like to point out that in your other video on expertising Guan yu, he increase march speed on leaving a structure for 3 seconds… Initially the increased march speed was not shown on the screen but once the army left your city change in march time was shown… Is that relevant with this vdo?

  9. This is also proof that some content creators just like to shoot in the dark and don't even know what they're talking about. Chisgule has and will always be my go-to favorite content creator, hands down! Thank you

  10. The buffs are separated in 2 big categories: permanent buff (all the time regardless – it will show in report) and temporarry buffs (do trigger under certain condition – will not show on report) because it says "on the map" it falls under the condition of temporarry buff because it doesnt take effect while in garrison, this apply to all comanders.

  11. On the map should include rallying, that what I believe what has been applied so far and what it should be. So I was very unhappy when I hear from ROK youtuber/ROK CS that rallying is not considered as on the map. What??? But I think it is applying to the rally, isn't it?

  12. Can you do the same with Genghis?? cause i did some rallies with him and the chosen one skill never hit second time!!!


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