DELL SE2417HG moniter review and set up update


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*UPDATE* new songs added :p

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Jackle 360:


Link for the dubstep music I use for most of my videos:
Free songs to use:

No coppyright sounds:


CEANTY official:


Additional info:
Recording softwere: Action desktop recorder
Windows: Windows 10

Minecraft sever I play in:
Skywars &

Songs I used:(Free songs to use) Ardens – Fahrenheit,Ceanty – Easy,ASVR – Reload,Eric Rodriguez – Sunlight,Flassbuster – Tantalus,Flassbuster – Tantalus,
Flassbuster – Tantalus,Killerx – Drop It,Non Copyrighted Music- Disfigure – Blank,Ollie Crowe & Lumian – Fallout,StonedTroopers – Vulkane,Take_You_Home.Rendivious – Flames,FEWZ – Bacon ‘n Eggs,N.E.O. – November,Michel Moeke – Showtime,Maxi Blum – Solitude,Spektrel – Dynasty,AVTV – Just Wait,Thunderbolt – I Wish,Miza – Dreamer,Hize – Sweetheart,Seico – Hop On

(No coppywrite songs)Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release],Alan Walker – Spectre [NCS Release],Ahrix – Nova,Alex Skrindo – Jumbo,Desmeon – Hellcat,Malik Bash – Apollo ,Eric Florez – Ascension,Abdiel Ferrero – Summer Lights,Hoved – Never look backDirty Audio – Sky High,Alex Skrindo – Lights,Syn Cole – Feel Good

CEANTY official:Ceanty fine.

TheFatRat – Xenogenesis,Never Be Alone (Tasty Release),TheFatRat – Windfall,TheFatRat – Time Lapse

JJDofficial-JJD – Riant,JJD – Ocean,JJD – Fallen Leaves


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  1. How well does it run games on steam. Such as American truck simulator or Train sim cuz I'm contemplating whether to get It or not?

  2. Hi, nice vid. Im thinking of getting this for my ps4. Any speakers that you would recommend which has similar price to the monitor?

  3. It is still working? or there problem? like dead pixel or won't turn on or something else? I just bought this monitor and this is my first gaming monitor


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