Dell S2417DG review – The best 24inch G-Sync monitor?


The Dell S2417DG is arguably the most stylish gaming monitor you can buy, and it performs well too.

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  1. These are amazing!🚄>JustU.Faith/Dell_24?請 I bought two for my new build and I can't say enough great things about the quality of these monitors. The color, the gamut, the viewing angles. From Premiere to AE to PS to gaming, the ghosting with this low refresh rate is a small price to pay for the cost to quality ratio these deliver. I'll be getting a third soon!

  2. If you’re on the fence, just get it. It’s a fantastic monitor. I have the 27 inch (had it for a couple years so far) and just picked up the 24 inch. I would just wait until you find a sale because these do tend to go on sale a lot. Got the 24 inch brand new at Best Buy a couple days ago for only $250!

  3. just bought it, it was on sale for 310€ including shipping. no backlight bleeding, nice colors, and crisp af, good upgrade, and it even has gsync :3.

  4. I had one and the color banding in dark scenes was unbearable. Just search in Google "S2417DG color banding" and see for yourself. Now I have an Aorus IPS 144hz, QHD and couldn't be happier. Get it only if you don't care about horrible color reproduction in dark scenes.


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