Age of Empires 2 Cheats


Unfortuneatly i will not be able to answer your questions due to the fact that i don’t have a Google+ account, so hopefully your questions will be answerd here. If not; Google is your friend! (In most cases).

Keep in mind that some of these cheats will not work if you don’t have The Conquerors expansion. (This expansion is included in the HD version). Make sure the cheats are spelled exactly as listed, or else they won’t work. In online matches, cheats may be turned off by the host. In the HD version on Steam, some cheats will disable achivements during that spesific match.

To open the chat bar, press ENTER.
Here’s a list of all the cheats (make sure to spell them correctly):

Result (HD version/Old version) – Cheat Code

10,000/1000 food – cheese steak jimmy’s
10,000/1000 gold – robin hood
10,000/1000 stone – rock on
10,000/1000 wood – lumberjack
Cobra car – how do you turn this on
Commit suicide – wimpywimpywimpy
Control nature – natural wonders
Win – black death
Fast building – aegis
Flying dogs – woof woof
Full map – marco
Instant loss – resign
Instant victory – i r winner
Kill Opponent 1 – torpedo1
Kill Opponent 2 – torpedo2
Kill Opponent 3 – torpedo3
Kill Opponent 4 – torpedo4
Kill Opponent 5 – torpedo5
Kill Opponent 6 – torpedo6
Kill Opponent 7 – torpedo7
Kill Opponent 8 – torpedo8
Little monkey – furious the monkey boy
No fog of war – polo
Saboteur unit – to smithereens
Tall, fast, villager – i love the monkey head


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  1. PEANUTBUTTER – 1,000,000 food, wood, gold, and stone this code and many code is not working reply me soon as possible thanking you

  2. WARNING: The Aegis cheat does finish everything you are doing instantly but it also does the same for your opponents too!


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