Moonlight allows you to play your PC games on almost any device, whether you’re in another room or miles away from your gaming rig. In this video I will show you Moonlight running on the 4K firestick
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  2. Love your content! Quick question, my Xbox 1 controller won't show up on either of my 4K firesticks. Any thoughts? I heard something about 2 different versions of Xbox 1 controllers, not sure though.

  3. I have a awesome connection for live tv if your man can build a apk from the ground up for live TV over 500 HD channels that never fail

  4. Hi, you may want to test the Internet hosting tool, just install it on your PC and play from a hotel room. https://moonlight-stream.org/

  5. Another great video mate. I have been using Geforce Now on my Shield for a little while and thought I would try out purchasing a couple of cheap lego games on offer from Steam. I don't have a PC and the thought of playing PC games just with my Shield sounded like a good idea that was until games were pulled late last month. I was 20% into a game where my game saves were saved to Nvidias servers. As a result of this my game saves are lost. Don't get me wrong the idea of Geforce Now is great and was working well. I know I had queue before I could play the game but I didn't mind. I do have a laptop but it's not great with streaming even with Steam Link. Sorry for ranting just disappointed. If you don't mind me asking what are the specs of your PC?

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but you could just connect your xbox to your tv and play straight away!?! How us this a game changer?

  7. I really have to try Moonlight today on the Shield. In the past I only used NV GameStream but my PC can handle 1440p and that would look better on my big screen in living room. Another plus could be the framerate option. In Forza Horizon 4 ie the fps is always uncapped after starting with GameStream, it simply forgets the fps limit I set. But due to fact my tv only can do 100hz I want to lock it under 100fps to prevent high power consumption. My goal is to play with 60fps with all details, in racing games its the perfect refresh rate to me. I hope Moonlight makes the fps limiter permanent and i dont have to go to game settings and set that manually at every start.

  8. Ok so I am running Alienware area 51m rtx 2060 and a FireStick 4K on 5g with moonlight running I was running madden 20 I had to lower the video to 480 and the frame rate to 30 still getting choppiness maybe my
    bit rate might not be strong enough I will check that out and see if it helps

  9. Awesome video brother TDUK. Much appreciated. That would surely come in handy. Keep the amazing content coming. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend . Much love and RESPECT


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